About Us


Senior Veterans, Inc. is a national non-profit serving senior war-time veterans and widows. We are based in Colorado Springs, CO and governed by a Board of Directors. All services provided by our charity are free.

2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS         

In accordance with our Code of Regulations, Senior Veterans, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. Our 2018 Board consists of seven directors, all of whom reside in Colorado. David F. Bolser of Colorado Springs is the CEO/Founder and also serves as President. Craig Butterfield of Colorado Springs serves as the Chairman of the Board. Since inception, Senior Veterans, Inc. has filed 990-N (postcard) tax returns for small, tax-exempt organizations. The 990-N returns are not available to the public. Due to an increase in revenue, the charity expects to file the full 990 return for 2018. These returns will be available to the public.